Top 6 Benefits Of Mezzanine Floors

Are you considering a mezzanine floor? Let us run you through the obvious – and less obvious advantages of mezzanine floors.

Top Benefit: Lots of Extra Space
Your business is growing – but it’s also outgrowing its space. Moving premises will prove costly, so why not look at ways to expand the space you already have. A mezzanine floor provides a neat solution, but it has several extra advantages in store for you.

Along with the obvious space-creation advantage in which you create floor space within roof space, What are the other advantages that you didn’t even know about?

Your Mezzanine Floor Remains Your Own
If you’re renting space, you may be reluctant to make improvements. After all, your lease is only so long. If you build extra space onto a building, your landlord ultimately benefits when you move. But a mezzanine floor can be dismantled and moved to new premises. You don’t lose the value it adds to your workspace.

When You are the Building Owner, a Mezzanine Adds Value
Your tenants want floor space, and chances are you’re citing the area available when you advertise space to rent. A mezzanine allows you to offer extra floor space, and your tenants will be happy to pay extra for it. If you decide to sell, the mezzanine is an improvement that will add dollars to your asking price.

Organising your Inventory Better and Saving Time
Many of our clients are looking for storage space when they add a mezzanine. But having extra space to store materials also allows for more efficient, well-organized storage.

Whereas employees may have spent time struggling to find what they need or having to repack storage space just to get at a seldom-used item, you can organize your storage so that it’s easy to find everything. Your team saves time and can spend that time productively on more profitable tasks.

Have it Your Way
When you move into a new building or warehouse, you need to adapt the way you work to the space you’ve got. But we can make your mezzanine floor to suit your needs. With a customized space to work with, you can have things your way! We’ll design your mezzanine according to your instructions – you don’t have to settle for the standard option.

It’s Fast and Low-Stress
You’ll be surprised by the speed with which your mezzanine floor reaches completion. It would be hard to cite an exact time here because every building is different, but once we know what you need and have inspected the premises, we’ll give you a heads up on the time needed for the project.

Quick completions make for less disruption of your work schedule and limits the extra stress that comes with construction projects.

Ready to Find Out More?
We could have added a few more benefits of mezzanine floors, but these are the big ones. If you’re still not sure and would like us to come and take a look at your space so that we can make suggestions or prepare a quote, you need to look no further. After all, an informed choice is the best choice!

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