How A Mezzanine Floor Can Massively Help Your Warehouse Storage Capacity

A common issue that distribution and manufacturing centres face is to keep up with increasing space demands. Maybe you have outgrown your current business premises and need to find a space for storage purposes.

An effective way for this is to transform your current premise without shifting to a new location or a building.

In this blog article, you will learn how the mezzanine floor system can help to increase your warehouse storage capacity with less hassle and reduced cost.

Mezzanine Floor

A warehouse mezzanine floor is an elevated floor/platform that is installed between the floor and the ceiling. It is an efficient way to increase storage space by allowing you to use the vertical space in your warehouse.

The structure itself is robust that the floor can be used for many purposes, including warehouse storage, racking and even manufacturing.

By installing a mezzanine floor, you can grow your space without having to rent or purchase additional premises. They are free-standing and can be installed easily without causing distractions to the work environment.

Initially, the mezzanine floor was designed to maximise space within the building storage. However, it also helps in better organisation of the work. With an extra level of storage space, you can manage your cluttered storage in a way that looks managed.

Other Benefits Of A Mezzanine Floor

1) Extra Storage Space

By adding a whole new floor above the existing space, you create a place for warehouse storage. It’s easy to create extra storage space for boxes, packages, equipment and pallet racking. It is also cost-effective when compared to other ways of relocating the business.

2) Customisable

A mezzanine floor can be easily customised to the shape or size of the warehouse. In case you do not like the current layout, then it is easy to dismantle the structure like it is to install them.

3) Proper Organisation

It’s vital that your warehouse is easy to navigate. A mezzanine floor is ideal for pick and pack operations, which needs a frequent movement of the items to the main floor.

Big storage space helps to store all the products and keep them appropriately organised. By arranging your stock with racking, you can speed up the delivery times for your customers too.

Adesa Services design, supply and install steel mezzanines, to increase your working area, storage, office space, resale or rent value. Contact us at info@adesaservices.com.au for a free quote today.

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