How To Improve Your Office Space Layout

How to Improve Office Space Layout: A Mezzanine Floor Is The Answer
Businesses grow and, before you know it, you’re scrambling for space to put that extra sales rep, lunch room or stock. Then there’s the question of layout. You want it to be efficient, but with limited space at your disposal, your options are limited. How to beat the crush? If you have a little headroom, the best way to go might be up!

Here are some ideas on how to use mezzanine floors for a more efficient office layout.

Put Operational Managers Where They Have an Overview
If you’re in a manufacturing business, you want to see things ticking over efficiently on the production floor. Operational managers facilitate the workflow, but they can’t be everywhere at once and they do have their share of admin. An office on a mezzanine floor can quite literally give them an overview of the activity. You’ve seen it in the movies, and we can guarantee that it works!

Shift Storage Out of the Workspace
No matter how far we progress into the digital age, it seems like there’s always paper, paper, and more paper. For legislative compliance, you need to store these records for years. As filing cabinet after filing cabinet gets added to the array, your floor space shrinks. Will you end up with space only for paper, not people?

Once again, a mezzanine floor could provide the solution you need. Store old records, seldom-needed supplies, and spare electronics upstairs out of the way.

Make a Quiet Space for Focus
Open plan offices are all very well, but can your clients see who they should be talking to when they walk in? As for your non-customer-faced admin staff, all they need is some peace and quiet to get on with the job. Give them what they need with a “quiet office” upstairs.

Create Attractive Spaces: Think Out of the Box
When we think of mezzanines, we usually think industrial, functional, but not-so-attractive. That doesn’t need to be the case. An attractive staircase and balustrade turn a mezzanine into an interior feature that boosts your company’s image while giving you that valuable extra space.

It Could be Cheaper Than Moving
The direct costs of moving to a new building are high enough, but the hidden costs inflate your relocation costs. There’s all the chaos of packing up and packing out, and with that comes lost productivity and a ton of workplace stress.

And no matter how hard you try to let all your customers know your new address (more costs here), there will always be some who turn up at the old premises. They see you’re not there anymore, and take their business elsewhere.

So why move out of the premises you’re in, that everyone knows about? Stay put and utilise the potential space that you never knew you had with a MEZZAFLOR mezzanine built specifically for you.

Know Your Options. Talk to Us
If you’re at your wits end trying to squeeze more and more people and furniture into a space that’s simply too tight for comfort, ask us to come and have a look. You’ll be impressed by our portfolio of

purpose-built mezzanines, and we’ll be able to suggest a solution that could work for you. All you need is some vertical space for us to work with. It costs nothing to explore your options, so talk to us today.

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