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Health and safety standards set by most governments make it mandatory for commercial properties – where there are frequent visitors – to keep a healthy and clean environment. Setting up a separate internal cleaning department and having to continually manage and monitor it can lead to inefficiency, especially in organizations where time is important. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will cut down your investment on regular cleaning equipment and also make it easy for the management team to track the performance effectively. We would like to introduce you to top-level commercial cleaning service by ADESA Services that guarantees superb results.

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From a commercial cleaning company perspective, ADESA Cleaning Services understands what you need to keep your company clean. Let us take care of your detailed cleaning requirements, allowing you to focus on your business.

Whether you are running a small office or a large corporation, we are ready to deliver you a specific cleaning service you’re seeking. With ADESA’s assurance of quality service, your business will be pristinely clean and at its best every day.

Having worked with government entities for decades, we understand the importance of cleanliness in government offices and the impact it makes on the citizens they serve.

We have a highly trained and carefully selected workforce along with up-to-date cleaning equipment available in the market to serve government offices of any size.

It is not easy to manage the mess children make every day in schools. While your in-house cleaning department might be struggling with managing the mess effectively, it is just another regular task for our highly trained cleaning team that is equipped with the latest cleaning equipment available in the market. No matter how big is your educational institute, ADESA has your cleaning task covered.

It not only requires a huge workforce but also the right equipment and processes to effectively manage the mess thousands of people can make in one place at sporting events.

Ineffective cleaning service in stadiums can also affect the health of spectators. ADESA Cleaning Services has the right workforce, equipment and qualifications to clean the mess of any size.

Apart from regular cleaning requirements, shopping centres need to deal with different types of cleaning challenges every day. All waste should be disposed of appropriately to avoid health and safety risks they may pose.

Our cleaning experts at ADESA services know how to manage different types of waste effectively and provide your premises with the highest standard cleanliness you always wanted.

Proper management of chemical waste along with other high-risk waste is vital in the industrial sector. It requires a qualified team that is equipped with adequate tools and knowledge to undertake such a task.

ADESA has the right workforce to clean industrial buildings and carefully manage the waste that requires special handling.

Cleaner restrooms, shinier windows, and floor free from debris and dirt can help deliver a better shopping experience. You can only achieve such cleanliness from professional cleaning companies as they provide you with well-trained staff and up-to-date equipment to carry out cleaning tasks and mitigate risks while delivering cleaning services.

Deliver the best shopping experience to your customers while ADESA takes care of your cleaning requirement.

At ADESA Cleaning Services, we know how crucial it is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in a healthcare facility for patients and staff members both. We take a thorough patient-centric approach to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness to control and prevent infection and create better environments for patients.

We have highly trained, well equipped, and carefully recruited staff members that can deliver the finest cleaning services to every healthcare facility ranging from medical offices to hospitals.

ADESA offers expert cleaning services for events of any size, indoor and outdoor, corporate and public events all year round. Our team of well-trained cleaning experts is fully capable of delivering the highest standards of cleaning services to any event – from small meets to huge festivals and everything in between.

We make sure that your event is free from litter during and after the event, covering every corner and managing waste disposal in the best possible way. 


Transport services that handle a large number of people every day can be hotspots for transfer of microorganisms if not cleaned properly. ADESA understands the importance of cleanliness in transport services and possesses the right workforce with the right knowledge and equipment to perform the cleaning task effectively.

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Having worked with the commercial sector, social sector, and Government entities for decades, ADESA is well acquainted with health and safety regulations and its importance. We introduce you to our commercial cleaning service launched after years of meaningful research. Our team, equipped with highly trained individuals and up-to-date cleaning equipment, is here to deliver you a top-class service that guarantees you the highest level of satisfaction. Call us today for a discussion with our cleaning experts. Our first priority is to understand your requirements so that we can offer you a solution best suited to you. Contact us at 1300 233 720 today

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