Why Adesa Services

Extensive Experience

Adesa Services has gained over 30 years of extensive experience in building companies and doing commercial construction projects across Australia.

Timely Installation

Adesa Services is able to handle any small and large-sized projects by consistently meeting project deadlines.

Premium Quality Service

Adesa Services is well placed to handle any project with efficiency, safely on time and within budget.

Who We Have Worked With

We are proud to have worked with the government sector, large corporations and even with international clients.

Minimal Interruption

We will carefully plan your renovation and construction work from the outset to ensure that the operations will have minimal interruptions.


At all stages of work, our team is responsive, communicative, and delivers a highly satisfactory result.

Safety Trusted

Adesa Services has a serious commitment to safety. Our professional tradesmen work with clients to ensure the safety of workers and the wellbeing of the environment.

Competitively Priced

All the work we do is priced competitively and backed by friendly and professional service.

Range Of Colours, Finishes, and Designs

Our team of professional tradesmen are trained to assess your requirements and recommend the ideal solution for your needs.

Reliable and Trusted Partner

Having completed 1000’s of projects Adesa Services knows how important it is to be a reliable partner.

What makes us
Safety Trusted

Adesa Services has a serious commitment to safety. With a full time in house Safety officer, our commitment to Safety is demonstrated through our safety process from once the project has been awarded, no matter how small or large the project, we start our process to ensure that relevant safety documents from Job Safety analysis, toolbox talks, ensuring that all team members assigned to site have relevant training and licences, Personal Protective Equipment has been provided, all tools are tagged and tested. As well as regular documented Safety meeting with our whole team to ensure that safety is first and foremost on our team’s mind.

Our Team

Adesa Services is a strong believer that our Team is what makes us so great. We understand that for us to guarantee quality and reliability we need to have the flexibility and be in control of our teams for us to ensure that we deliver for our clients. Unfortunately, what we have seen too often in the construction industry, companies hire their labour on contract. What is often experienced through employing a team on Sub Contract work is often not done to a high standard as the sub-contractor will not be around when the contract has been completed, and issues with workmanship become an issue.

To overcome this Adesa Services directly employees the large part of our workforce directly giving us complete control and leads to a loyal and workforce which work to a high standard.

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Liam Dunstan
Senior Supervisor
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Senior Supervisor
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Accounts Manager
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Business Development
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Office Manager